Rules & Regulations

Camels Hump Nordic is an informal and easy-going group, however, we do have a few rules and regulations applying to use of the trails that need to be followed so that everyone can have a good time and our landowners will allow us to access their land again next season. Please observe the following guidelines while using the CHN trails:

  • Skiing on the CHSA trails is AT YOUR OWN RISK. We do not monitor trail access nor do we patrol the trails. By signing our online release of liability or acknowledgment on the fee envelopes prior to skiing (see below), you are acknowledging that you are aware of the risks of cross country skiing. We advise that you ski with a friend. Take a trail map (available on this site or at the sign-in station) and keep to marked trails.
  • Please park only in the designated parking area on Bert White Road. Cars parked elsewhere are subject to towing by the town at the owner's expense.
  • All Skiers should check the kiosk in the parking area for current information and we always appreciate it when you sign in at the hut.
  • Visiting skiers are encouraged to follow the CHNSA honor system and pre-pay online, Scan-Pay-Ski at the kiosk, or deposit paper payments for trail fees in the GREEN BOX inside the hut. All contributions support the volunteer efforts that sustain CHNSA.
  • Snowshoeing is welcome on CHNSA trails, however we request the snowshoers travel only on the edges of the trails and please keep off of groomed tracks!
  • No fires of any kind are permitted on CHNSA trails.
  • Please respect the privacy of our many landowners. It's only by their generosity that we're permitted to ski on their land!
  • Please ski only on marked trails.

Dog Skiing Policy:

We now have a Dog Loop that includes Skunk Brook, Dead River Run, right to Windekind Meadow, or left on Big Baldy, to Bear Scat Draw and back to the parking lot on Bert White Road. Please limit your dog exercising to those trails (see dog signage on trails and map). Please note: Only season pass holders my bring their dogs to ski at CHN. Dog owners must pay an additional fee for their canines (see season pass info here), and the dogs must display the collar tag that will be given with payment of fees.