About the Camel's Hump Nordic Ski Center

An Introduction

The CHNSA trail network of about 35 miles, including a section of the Catamount Trail, was built by skiers and for skiers, and it encompasses 1500 acres of private and public upland terrain in the western shadow of Camel’s Hump. You’ll experience mature, hardwood forests; stands of Norway spruce that give a feel of Scandinavia; ridgelines and deep ravines; bridges across icy brooks; and the sudden surprise of open meadows and farmscapes. More than 20 landowners, including the State of Vermont, have collaborated for more than 40 years to sustain this evolving, community trails project; a testament to the value placed on this resource by the community.

Camel’s Hump Nordic Ski Area is both a place and an organization. It is powered by the growing numbers of Friends of CHNSA who appreciate this unique skiing experience and have decided to make it their own through off-season volunteer trail work and other means of support. We hope you’ll decide to ski Camel’s Hump Nordic and make it your own as well!!

Our Mission Statement

Camel’s Hump Nordic Ski Area, Inc. is organized and operates, exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, as a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, with the following mission:

  • To preserve, maintain and foster a community network of Nordic ski and snowshoe trails on public and private land;
  • To facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the winter environment and the mental and physical benefits of Nordic skiing and snowshoeing;
  • To use this neighborhood trail network to develop a strong sense of community;
  • To build an active and involved membership led by a dedicated board of directors;
  • To provide a unique ski experience for all skiers on a mixture of terrain in ways that foster an appreciation for community, nature, and responsible environmental stewardship.

Board Members

Dave Brautigam, President
Ray Mainer, Treasurer
Brett Lindemuth, Vice President
William Reilly
Diane Lavine
Jeff Mullen
Casey Gianfagna

Board Meeting Minutes

Click here to access our Board Meeting minutes