New Groomer Purchase:

CHNSA is taking a quantum leap in our grooming with the purchase of a used PistenBully 100 grooming machine. This is a major capital expense for the Ski Area and we are seeking $30,000 in donations for the purchase. We are launching a major capital campaign and are encouraging our skiing members and friends to consider a tax-deductible donation to CHNSA to help with the purchase.

You can read more about the Pisten Bully, why the Board thinks it's a great idea, and find a link to donate here.

Improved Parking and Entrance Sign:

Enhanced parking is a concern for us, as we maxed out of parking space during busy weekends this past winter. We speculate that the heavy traffic was the result of a couple of factors. So, we are planning to take steps to enlarge the usable space and mitigate the undesirable aspects of mud season on the parking experience (see one solution pictured above).

While we’re at it, we clearly need a better, more visible sign marking the entrance to CHNSA. Any artistic proposals are appreciated!

You can read more about the Parking Lot project here.

Trails Improvements and Expansion:

CHNSA has some unfinished trail priorities that we'd like to address in the near future. It has been remarked that, while the parking lot at CHNSA may sometimes seem crowded, once out on the trails skiers experience the welcome solitude that our trails provide. By expanding our trail network we hope to sustain this experience for our skiers.

You can read about planned trail expansion projects here.

Expanded Warming Hut:

We have heard from a number of long-term friends of CHNSA that an enhanced hut facility at the parking lot would be a great idea to create a cozier and more welcoming scene for skiers. The existing 10’ x 14’ warming hut was constructed primarily with donated materials and time. We’d like to duplicate this effort with a larger, more versatile structure.

You can read more about the Warming Hut project here.

existing lot